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A Reputation for Excellence

Founded in 1998, Namaa Consult has evolved from an at first regionally focused engineering lab into one of the Egypt's largest independent firm of consulting engineers/professionals, and it is now among the front-runners locally and in the region.
Our company is headed by a management team which, with its chairman, bears overall responsibility. The body supervising our management is an advisory board, elected by the shareholders, made up of individuals of high standing in our business sector. Alongside its oversight function, it provides advice and support to management in all important matters relating to corporate policy and planning.

Organizational Theme

At Namaa Consult, we follow the concept of having knowledge and experience as fundamental ingredients for any engineering task. While experience without knowledge is like a structure without foundation, knowledge without experience is like a foundation without a structure, the former is fatal and the latter is useless. Therefore we innovatively integrate knowledge and experience though planning, specialization and total quality with the individual key performance indicators towards limits of service exclusiveness.

Consultancy For Change

Our approach is based on understanding of our client's needs and adopting the best practice processes to initiate, plan, execute and close projects. We also provide the consultancy to manage change, risk and overcome complex issues to safeguard the client's interests over the project life-cycle. Our Project Management services are presented by a team of talented and experienced people who provide strong and independent advice.

Pioneer In The Market

Being among the pioneers in Egypt, Namaa Consult has instigated the Laboratories and quality control services providing in 1998. The Laboratories and quality control division consists many of three departments:
 Site and Geotechnical Investigation Department
 Materials Technology and Testing Department
 Projects Quality control Department
Our services covers a wide range of diversified specialties, extended from routine testing of construction and even modern drilling and soil-rock tests and others.

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